Raymond's BBQ Gourmet - enjoy learning to barbeque like a professional!

Welcome to the BBQ Gourmet!

Grilling or barbequing, charcoal or gas - it's a great way to combine flame and flavour (and get out of the kitchen and into the party!).

Learn to barbeque better with Raymond's BBQ Gourmet cooking classes & lessons to enhance your technique, expand your knowledge and spice up your social life. Go from Zero to Barbeque Hero in the Basics Course. Expand on your abilities in the Extensive BBQ Course.

Raymond preparing a barbeque on a sunny Hawke's Bay hillside
Raymond's BBQ Gourmet Courses give you the skills to cook with the fiery passion that cooking with flame deserves. Not just recipes, but master the tools, techniques and tastes and you'll be grilling a three-course gourmet meal on your BBQ in just five 3 hour lessons or in an intense weekend course.
We are excited and delighted to announce that Raymond's BBQ courses in Hawke's Bay will now be held at No 5 Cafe & Larder, Mangateretere. Click through to the Courses page for more information.


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