Go from Zero to BBQ Hero with Raymond’s BBQ courses.
Increase your BBQ skills and impress your loved ones.

Grilling or barbequing, charcoal or gas – it’s a great way to combine flame and flavour (and get out of the kitchen and into the party!

Learn to barbeque better with Raymond’s BBQ Gourmet cooking classes & lessons to enhance your technique, expand your knowledge and spice up your social life.

Go from Zero to Barbeque Hero  in the Basics Course. Expand on your abilities in the Extensive BBQ Course.

Raymond’s BBQ Gourmet Courses give you the skills to cook with the fiery passion that cooking with flame deserves.

Not just recipes, but master the tools, techniques and tastes and you’ll be grilling a three-course gourmet meal on your BBQ in just five 3 hour lessons or in an intense weekend course.

Please contact Raymond now to enquire about having a course with us or at your venue. He is open for corporate bookings. Email him now.


BBQ Course

With more than a quarter century of experience in food, hospitality and hosting the best BBQ, Raymond van Rijk, a graduate of The Maastricht, School of Hotel Management, The Netherlands, has decided it’s time to pass on his knowledge.

The Restaurateur of Peak House Restaurant, Havelock North, has lived in Indonesia, The Netherlands & France, but settled in New Zealand’s premium wine-growing region of Hawke’s Bay 30 years ago.

Raymond was keen to put his years of grilling and spit-roasting experience to good use: “I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered, and seeing people gain confidence. The pleasure they get from their own abilities, tasting food they’ve cooked and it tastes great, and knowing that they can do it again because they have the techniques and they can be creative with that, not just following a recipe.”

What Raymond understood was that the BBQ Gourmet course – the first of its kind in New Zealand – had to be structured and specific: “I didn’t want to create a course that just gave a few recipes – I really want people to learn everything they can: the how and why.”

Raymond has previously done work abroad and now focuses on doing corporate and private work in New Zealand.

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