Sample Menu

Pre-dinner nibbles

Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Rare Roast Beef
Mushrooms Stuffed with various mixtures
Grilled Prawn Cutlets with Garlic Coriander & Sweet Soy
Bananas and Bacon in Sweet Chilli and Soy Sauce
Mini Quiches with Various Fillings and Vegetarian
Blini with Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon or Sundried Tomato
Spinach and Smoked Salmon Roulade
Mini Cheese Muffins with various fillings
Beef & Chicken Empanadas
Smoked Mushroom or Smoked Pumpkin Arancini Balls
Chicken & Mushroom Vol au vent
Kranksky Rolls
Corn fritters
Smoked Salmon on Rye Bread/Crackers with Horseradish
Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Smoked Venison
Sliders (pork belly/roast beef/moroccan chicken)
Chicken satay skewers served with Peanut Sauce
Chorizo sausage rolls with hoisin


Antipasto Platters
Smoked Pork Belly, Smoked Venison or Salami, Olives,
Artichoke Hearts, Sundried Tomatoes, Crostini,
Smoked Salmon Mousse, Cheese Sticks or Rice Crackers
Antipasto / Grazing Platters
Cheese Selection, Smoked Porkbelly, Smoked Venison
Basecamp Salami, Prosciutto, Cold Smoked Salmon
Hot Smoked Salmon with Fennel Seeds, Gin and Brown Sugar
Smoked Salmon Mousse, Hummus, Tzatziki
Beetroot Yoghurt and Garlic, Salsa Verde, Smoked Eggplant Dip
Smoked Mushrooms and Sundried Tomatoes Dip
French Banquette, Croutons, Pastry Cheese Sticks
Sliders, Rice Crackers(GF), Ryebread
Gluten free crostini(GF)
Grilled Asparagus (in season), Olives
Sundried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearths, Cornichons
Pickled Onions, Chargrilled Eggplant, Chargrilled Peppers
Marinated Mushrooms, Smoked Mushrooms
Glazed Carrot Sticks with Marjoram, Cherry Tomatoes
Grapes, Strawberries (in season)

Main Courses

Char Grilled Cube roll stuffed with Smoked Mushrooms

served with Red Wine and Caramelised Onions Jus

Char Grilled Loin of Pork

Stuffed with Dates, Apricots and Heavenly Hog Rub

Char Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb

Stuffed with Mediterranean Stuffing

Hot Honey Glazed Ham
Char Grilled Venison
Char Grilled Oriental Pork Belly
Char Grilled Boneless Skinless Chicken thighs

with Moroccan Spices

Grilled Side of Hapuka with Chermoula
Char-Grilled Salmon with Horseradish, Rum & Mustard
Seafood Salad

(Scallops, Prawns, Mussels, Squid, Marinated Fish)

Potatoes in Herb Butter
Green Tossed Salad with Spring Onions & Cherry Tomatoes
Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Salad
Hot Mushrooms in Creamy Tarragon Sauce
Bean Medley with Feta
Greek Salad
Chickpea Salad
Honey Roasted Baby Beetroot with Spinach, Carrots & Feta
Kumara & Orange Salad

with Red Onion, Bacon & Orange Mustard Dressing

Baby Spinach Salad

with Roast Pears, Blue Cheese, Walnuts & Balsamic Glaze

Honey Glased Carrots with Sesame Seeds & Fresh Spinach
Char-grilled Corn, Avocado & Cherry Tomatoes & Rocket
Israeli Cous Cous Salad

with Sliced Almonds, Apricots, Dates & Sundried Tomatoes

Broccoli, Asparagus (if available) & Avocado

with Bacon & Nuts

Italian Pasta with Sundried Tomato & Olives
Pineapple & Cucumber Salad

with Sweet Chilli, Soy & Fresh Coriander

Feijoa & Fig Chutney, Peach & Date Chutney, Mustards & Horseradish
Sweet dreams



White Chocolate & Amaretto, Chocolate Kahlua, Passionfruit

Brandy Snap Baskets with Fresh Fruit
Hazelnut & Berry Roulade
Banana Toffee Pie
Fresh Fruit Salad
Rush Munro Ice Cream
Extra special
Cake (optional)

If you're having a wedding or special celebration... 💍

Pear or Peach Flan
Mini Lemon Tarts
Apricot Whiskey Fudge Slice
Ginger Slice
Chocolate Brownie
Fruity Chocolate Truffles
Apricot Coconut Tart
Caramel Slice
Pecan, Walnut, Apricot, Coconut Slice (g/f)
Lemon & Apricot, Malt Slice
Chocolate & Hazel Nut Fudge Slice
Fresh Fruit
Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate



We can cater to all dietary requirements. All serving & cooking Utensils included.