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  • Beer Can Chicken Stand

    Beer Can Chicken Stand

    Cook your chicken a tastier way with our Beer Can Chicken Stand.

    No more dangerous toppling chicken (or humiliation as your guests watch their dinner flop off the bbq!). The Beercan Chicken wire frame holder secures the beercan and the chicken and prevents either falling over during cooking. The wire frame is easy to clean and folds flat for easy storage. Be sure to use it with the Beercan Chicken Rub.

    not rated $12.00
  • BBQ Gourmet Gift Voucher – Complete Course

    BBQ Gourmet Gift Voucher – Complete Course

    For a special present for a friend who has ‘everything’, consider one of Raymond’s BBQ Gourmet Course Gift Vouchers. Perhaps you would like a friend to keep you company on a course? How about shouting a mate a place?

    not rated $290.00
  • BBQ Gourmet Gift Voucher – Elementary Course

    BBQ Gourmet Gift Voucher – Elementary Course

    Perfect Father’s Day, birthday, or wedding anniversary gift. Great “thanks for being my best man” gift, or “you’re the greatest father-in-law” … whatever, there is a man you know who deserves this (and the bonus is you can come along too, or just look forward to enjoying the results of the course: great food!)

    not rated $90.00
  • BBQ Gourmet Rubs Six pack in Gift box

    BBQ Gourmet Rubs – Six-pack in Gift box

    Raymond’s BBQ Gourmet Rubs are now available in a convenient new Six-pack gift box, complete with carrying handle, containing the full range of BBQ Gourmet rubs.

    not rated $48.00
  • BBQ Gourmet Heavenly Hog Rub – 100g shaker

    BBQ Gourmet Heavenly Hog Rub – 100g shaker

    If you like pork, you’ll love this. There’s a tang and a tingle to this mix, but it’s sweet too. No one will want their pork chop, loin or fillet any other way. There’s just no need to make a sauce when you use this unbelievably popular rub.

    not rated $7.95
  • BQ Gourmet beercan chicken rub

    BBQ Gourmet Beercan Chicken Rub – 100g shaker

    The signature dish of Raymond’s BBQ Gourmet Courses. Everyone loves this: rub a whole chicken inside & out with the Beercan Chicken Rub, then grill indirectly seated on an open half-filled punctured beercan – you have to see it to believe it!

    not rated $7.95
  • BBQ Gourmet Real Mans Rub 100g shaker

    BBQ Gourmet Real Man’s Rub – 100g shaker

    No getting round it, guys like to prove they are tough, and this rub is a testosterone test for the taste buds! Its hot and spicy – strong flavour for a rich juicy steak. Guaranteed to satisfy the biggest bloke.

    not rated $7.95
  • BBQ Gourmet Moroccan Rub 100g shaker

    BBQ Gourmet Moroccan Rub – 100g shaker

    Particularly delightful as a wet rub – add lemon juice & olive oil and spread paste in and on chicken or lamb. Adding fresh garlic to the paste or minced onion is recommended. This is a highly aromatic unique rub. Also wonderful gently fired in a heavy-bottomed pot before adding rice or Couscous.

    not rated $7.95
  • BBQ Gourmet Persian Rub - 100g shaker

    BBQ Gourmet Persian Rub – 100g shaker

    This is a delicate flavour, a soft nutty, warm spice mix. Just perfect for fish. Sprinkle onto the fish, or add to flour and coat fish fillets. For a luscious sauce fry a spoonful with finely chopped onions until it releases its fragrance, then add a tin of tomatoes. Cook, taste, eat!

    not rated $7.95
  • bbq gourmet italiano rub

    BBQ Gourmet Italiano Rub – 100g shaker

    A lighter flavoured herb rub, ideal for poultry or lamb. But don’t stop there … add it to bread dough, or brush sliced ciabatta bread with olive oil, sprinkle with Italiano & grill. Superb with roast potatoes, or foil wrapped baked spuds.

    not rated $7.95